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Survey and Revised Schedule

· by David Evans

I hope everyone is enjoying Spring Break!

You can see the results of the survey here: Mid-Course Survey Results (I edited one response that mentioned another student since that wasn’t intended to be public, but otherwise it is everything that was submitted.)

Based on the survey responses, and the depletion of Team Poppyseed, I have made some adjustments to the teams and schedule. Team Sesame, Team Cinnamon, and Team Poppyseed have been turned into a Smoked Salmon Shmear, and reformed as Team Pineapple (which is Team Sesame and some additions from Poppyseed) and Team Mango. Teams should wrap-up their remaining blogging responsibilities as they were (that is, Team Poppyseed is still responsible for completing the blog for Class 7, which hopefully is well underway already).

Team PineappleTeam Mango
Adam Imeson (aei5uj)
Bethlehem Naylor (bn9eb)
Bhuvanesh Murali (bm4cr)
Collin Berman (cmb5nh)
Daniel Saha (drs5ma)
Haina Li (hl3wb)
Joshua Holtzman (jmh2ba)
Reid Bixler (rmb3yz)
Tianyi Jin (tj2cw)
Anant Kharkar (agk7uc)
Bargav Jayaraman (bj4nq)
Benjamin Lowman (brl2xx)
Bill Young (wty5dn)
Cyrus Malekpour (cm7bv)
Darion Cassel (dfc9ed)
Sam Havron (sgh7cc)
Yuchi Tian (yt8mn)

I don’t want to increase the presentation and blogging workload for the rest of the semester, though, especially since I want to ensure everyone has time to work on your project. So, each team will still be leading every third week, and blogging every third week, and we will do something else in the other classes.

Team Mango is scheduled to lead the next class on March 17 (this is what was assigned to Team Cinnamon, so not a new responsibility for most of the team, and the new recruits from Team Poppyseed should have limited roles expected for this first presentation since they just joined the reformulated team). Team Pineapple is responsible for Blogging and Food for the class. Note that according to the survey results, 73.4% of the class is sick of bagels. So, Team Pineapple is challenged to come up with something more interesting for breakfast.

The full revised schedule is below. Note that the team that is not leading the class is responsible for both Blogging and Food.

DateTopicTeam MangoTeam Pineapple
Class 8 (17 Mar)TBDLeadBlog, Food
Class 9 (24 Mar)TBDBlog, FoodLead
Class 10 (31 Mar)TBD
Class 11 (7 Apr)TBDLeadBlog, Food
Class 12 (14 Apr)TBDBlog, FoodLead
Class 13 (21 Apr)TBD
Class 14 (28 Apr)Mini-Conference